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Akratia's Edge

The Last Resort of Exile and Spark

Originally known as Kai Mendebal in Ancient Akran. Now, also known as The Edge, West's Edge, Edge of Akratia, Sanctuary, and Haven, the outpost of Akratia's Edge is the Sovereign Isles' answer to extreme criminality and those cursed by the Spark. Where once these criminals and Sparks were executed by the government, now they are shipped to Akratia to make their way as they will, far away from civilization. In return, the Isles demand only that those exiled souls delve into the ancient past of Akran and send its treasures back on the return ships.


Current State of the Edge

Built in the ruins of an ancient Akran port, the Sparkless masses huddle behind the broken stone walls that form the only non-Spark defense against the predations and violence of the continent. Rough housing makes up most of the inhabitants homes, and most circle around a central village hall, built in the remains of the most intact old ruin to act as a place of refuge during attacks.

The primary source of these attacks is the local watchtower on a nearby hill - once built to protect the port, it has now turned into a haven for monsters and dark magics that threaten the poor, wretched souls which inhabit Akratia's Edge.


Steading Stats

Size: Isolated Outpost - Hamlet - Village - Town - Large Town - City

  • Several dozen residents - Donate 10-Coin to increase Prosperity

Prosperity: Dirt - Poor - Moderate - Wealthy - Rich

  • There's nothing for sale beyond basic rations, nobody has more than they need and they're lucky if they have even that - unskilled labor is cheap

Population: Exodus - Shrinking - Steady - Growing - Booming

  • The population is in line with the current size of the steading - some slow growth. Send back 50-Coin to the Isles to increase Population. Refusing to trade artifacts with the traders reduces Population over time.

Defenses: None - Militia - Watch - Guard - Garrison - Battalion - Legion

  • Clubs, torches, and farming tools

Other Tags:

  • Need (All - Severe): All items cost triple their normal value since they must be imported from the Sovereign Isles
  • Oath (Sovereign Isles): The Edge was founded on the promise that in return for exile (over death), the inhabitants would continually send scavenged relics back to the Isles - this relationship also provides the Edge with a steady stream of new inhabitants
  • History (Old Akran Port): The exiles of the Edge live in the ruins of a civilization far greater than even that of the Sovereign Isles - ancient history is all around them
  • Lawless: Crime would be rampant if there was anything to steal

Trade in Akratia's Edge

Because the Edge is supplied entirely by shipments from the Isles, everything costs triple its listed amount and only Basic Gear is available. Luckily, traders from the Isles are more than happy to pay for treasure looted from ruins of the Ancient Akran Imperium. All gear is 1-LOAD unless otherwise noted.

  • Map of Akratia's Edge

Available Gear

  • Adventuring Gear
  • Bandages
  • Antitoxin
  • Dungeon Rations
  • Halfling Pipeleaf
  • Leather Armor
  • Shield
  • Short Bow, Long Bow, Crossbow
  • Bundle of Arrows and Bag of Bolts
  • Bag of Bolts
  • Club, Shillelagh, Staff
  • Dagger, Shiv, Knife
  • Short Sword, Axe, Warhammer, Mace
  • Spear

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Cover image: by Vertixico


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