The free city of Sedja has been called the home of despots, pirates, harlots, and thieves - and while this is technically correct, the city of Sedja is so much more. Until the events of the past few years and the discovery of Damascium this bay of unsavory characters was largely avoided by the rest of civilization.   Now ruled by the 3 pirate queens (they prefer the term privateer or merchants) of Sedja The city was formed initially by those that did not align with the major factions after the great tempest. The decision to create a society based on indentured service did not sit well with many of the free peoples of Akosa. Thus Sedja was born, a coastal port city, once home to many less than honest adventurers and merchants that used the port to dodge taxes on exports or smuggle goods from or to Akosa - the jewel of the south became a beacon of freedom to those who would buck the rules of 'civilized society'.   Navigating the ocean is a dangerous pastime in Akosa, The Tempest rages constantly around the Island and no area was more impacted by the storm than the region surrounding Sedja. With hundreds of small islands littering the southern ocean many smaller than a few paces across navigation through this region was challenging, if not impossible for most.   Most of the city now survives on the bounty of the sea, if not eachother - in addition to bold sailors who risk their lives on the oceans the settlement also makes coin by hosting expeditions to the west skirting and exploring the jungles of Adgahl Now however - the race is on for the denizens of Sedja to hunt and make their fortune with Damascium   Major Factions Located Here
  • Tricorn Council
  • Rumors speak of a massive underground that calls Sedja home. The enterprise known as the Thieves Guild trains its shadowy new members, often children, in a life of crime before sending far across the land to return the favor, in gold.


  • Map of Sedja


Alternative Name(s)
shattered coast
Large city
Unknown - likely ~200,000
Inhabitant Demonym
bradach - a slang term for thief / pirate


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