Pale Elves

As if through Divine Intervention the Great Tempest consumed both the invading armada and the fleets sent to liberate the Island - Surely such a storm could have been summoned by no mortal creature... -Bruenor (Cleric of the All-Hammer)
  The term 'Pale Elves' is in itself a bit of a misnomer - while the invading forces were comprised almost entirely of Elvenkind with a small representation of other forces (Aasimar among them) it was not that the Elves themselves had skin that was more pale than the average Elf. Instead they wore a distinctive white and pale blue war paint.   Many of the elves were killed in the storm but the survivors fled across the island - the largest contingent ran west into the great deserts of Akosa. None have been seen since.


  • Elves existed in Akosa before the invasion, and while it is thought The Tempest killed most of the Pale Elves there is a strong distrust on the Island still of all Elves - including their half-elf kin.

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