Homebrew in Akosa



Homebrew is welcome in Aksoa and in-fact a major part of the game. While we stick very closely to the overall 5e ruleset, there are things that have been added to improve quality of life and add plot points to the game.   They are:


Plot Points

  • Lykeum - This is a mineral that helps support life on Akosa - unique to the island it allows magic to be bound to items for the purposes of enchanting. It also supplements existing Magics.
  • Damascium - This strange red metal was found on the southern shores of Akosa and possesses a strange property - Everyone wants more of this stuff...
  • Crafting: is welcome and encouraged as it will be beneficial for those who do it - Currently I can support Gathering (herbalism, skinning, and reclaiming of monster parts) , Poisons, Alchemy, and Enchanting
  • Immunity: Disease, poison, etc - if you have an immunity (looking at you Paladin) its based on the DC of the infliction. For example you are level 5 - you have immunity up to a DC of 15 for disease.

Adjusted Rules

Don't worry, I will remember this so you don't have too...  
  • Criticals on Skill Checks / Saves: A critical fail / or pass is treated as something special in both cases. A natural 1 roll may result in the player taking 1d4 of additional damage, or taking damage to their weapon reducing its overall effectiveness. A natural 20 however my result in the player learning more about a key plot point or surprising an opponent with their skill to such a point it gives disadvantage to the enemy. Keep in mind -this is usually reserved for these rolls as a reward for excellent RP.
  • Critical Hits: For a critical hit we double the damage die - for example if you roll 1d12 and get a 12 with your great axe you would do 12 damage (unmodified) - a crit would be 24 damage.
  • Injury & Unconsciousness: Some injury persists through healing - such examples are curses, disease, or a critical fail. When knocked unconcious you have x3 rolls for a death save - a natural 1 will fail 2 automatically, whereas a nat 20 will pass 2 immediately.
  • Death & Resurrection: This needs its own article (Death in Akosa ) - but as an overview. The players will roll together to pass a group skill check to resurrect a player. The DM sets the DC and it increases each time a player dies. Alternative you can chose to 'Burn your Spirit' where you can take one final action - up to a 6th level spell, once this is done your character can never be resurrected by any means. P.S. Diamonds are not cheap...
  • Helping Other Players: You can "help" another player, only if you are proficient with the task you are looking to help them in.
  • Inspiration: The party can earn inspiration for great roleplaying moments, deep storytelling with dramatic effect, rich detail in describing combat.
  1. increase one player’s Initiative by +10 for one combat
  2. regain one use for an ability that recovers with any rest
  3. remove one failed Death Save or Injury Token
  4. turn one already rolled Attack or Skill check by a player or DM into a failure or success. If a failure is turned into success, it is a partial success that may carry complications. Saves and Death Saves cannot be affected.
  5. have the DM roll twice when rolling on a random effect table and the party chooses one of the possible results
  6. change the next Attack or Skill check by a player, if successful, to a critical success. If the roll is a failure, the Inspiration Point is wasted


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