The ore that would change 900 years of progress and peace.


Material Characteristics

A reddish brown ore that can be smelted into a glistening red ingot. When worked into an item the mineral changed to a steel-like silver with a red-brown banded hue.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Damascium has the unique ability to maintain an incredible hardness when forged. The blades honed from this mineral never dull, where armor crafted from Damascium has a strange ability to partially nullify magics.

Origin & Source

Found in the holds of ships that wrecked in the far southern coast of Akosa. No survivors have been found to explain its origin.


Trade & Market

Exceptionally difficult to find at first, the Pirate Lords have invested fully into its recovery, making them incredibly rich in the process.

Law & Regulation

Laws vary by region.

Initially it priced at around the same level as the incredibly rare Mithrial
Very Rare


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