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Nyumbani is the capital of Gooti and by far the most Loxodon dense place on Akentro; it is located in the knee-pit area of Gooti.   The rough cliffs of the area offer a great place for Loxodons to showcase their excellent stoneworking skills. As such Nyumbani is built not only on the top of the cliff but the entire cliff-side is full of their finely crafted houses. At the bottom of the cliff lies an artificial cave functioning as a harbor allowing for buzzing trade in the world market. When expanding their cave system the citizens stumbled upon a nest of Goblins... luckily a very peaceful clan resulting in a kind of symbiosis between elephants and mice with the Goblins working where Loxodons had trouble due to their size.   Nyumbani originated as an iron ore mine when signs of its presence were spotted by a passing ship. The artificial cave that is now there was the first thing that was built and then the first houses were hewn into the stone and as such the miners village Nyumbani was born. In the Gooti civil war it would again gain importance as the lone neutral town and save place for those fleeing from it, recognized as such by all factions. The countless and large natural caverns unearthed by the mining operations gave ideal refuge to those that felt threatened by the uncertainty of the outside world. After the war was over it had become the second most populated city of Gooti and due to its neutrality was chosen to be the capital of Gooti and seat of the Mwenye Busara.   The great lift that makes the core of this city was originally built in 1174 and has since then been rebuilt, overhauled and repaired over and over again. As of now it is still pulled by the strength of "The Lifters" who are held in very high regards but there is talk about creating technomagical engines with the help of the scientists from XXX.   reference pictures for architecture:   Take with grain of salt. some are inputs on architecture, some are ideas for how it looks in the cave and on the cliff


Mainly Loxodons and humans, a community of Dwarfs; in recent years some Goblins; Some Xenostrians; a few Tabaxi;


governed by a council of guild leaders


City walls on the outside; ballistas in the cliff; a gate to completely cut off entry into the harbor;


exports exotic fruits and spices, woods, stone workers, resources needed for more technologically advanced stuff, iron; imports engines, knowledge, engineers to teach them and for work;


Shipyards on the bottom; delicately built mansions and palaces on the top, an exception being farmers houses located close to the wall, the richer the closer to the cliff; upper middle class and middle class share the actual cliff-side; you'll find the poor in cave systems further in; there are walkways both on the outside and inside connecting all; a lift and some cranes are located on the outside to transport cargo; the edges of the cavesystems continue to be expanded by miners

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