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Gooti is the place most Loxodons call home. It started out as a Zenostrian colony but after fighting for their independence the Loxodons decided to keep the borders as they were fortified and helped to keep out intruders and monsters hidden in the Jungle. This is to be noted as prior to the colonization Loxodons wouldn't set borders other than their city walls with anything outside being part of the wilderness. This causes Loxodons to only rarely live outside a city which is why the outskirts of cities are full of fields and houses as close as possible to the city walls. An exception being the nomadic tribe of the Tamaa who pride themselves with calling the whole world their home.   The capital of Gooti is Nyumbani which lies in what could be called the "knee pit" of the country.                 some history shizzle about the civil war   Royalists: after the fall of the Xeno family many believed there to be a secret heir to the throne. these royalists fight against the new lead of the empire believing them to be responsible and search for the true successor of the throne Loyalists: after the fall of Empress Xeno, Serapheim Miskos became the defacto leader of the empire slowly falling into shambles. the loyalists wished to remain part of this empire believing it to keep bringing them peace, stability and fortune Nationalists: The nationalists or Gootis were the group that sought independence from any outside force. they believed that they should now unify under their own government instead of letting them be ruled by a foreign ruler   732-> acts of revolution; acts of arson in Mji Kisiwa attributed to now high ranking members of royalists; Ziwa, an important trading city connecting Mji Kisiwa with nearly the rest of Gooti becomes the royalists HQ splitting off from the empire; many members of nobility move to Ziwa; 733-> Gooti Nationalistic talk and philosophy become more common; especially in the Bahri region; Ziwa royalists block trade between the Bahari region and Mji Kisiwa; the blockade is lifted after the empire publicly endorsed the Ziwa region as a legally independent state;   734-> Ghuba Ya Pua becomes home for nationalists; first official Gooti nationalistic territory; Umpaka joins the royalists of Ziwa;   735-> former xenostrian nobility living in Umpaka get attacked frequently; many move to Ziwa; the death of the Seraphim was a heavy hit to the loyalists; both royalists and nationalists grow in numbers   736-> Jiji-Daraja becomes nationalist HQ; their territory spans roughly the Bahari region excluding Nyumbani that spoke out to remain neutral; Umpaka becomes nationalistic territory; Royalist territory is shrinking as hope for a legitimate throne successor diminish;   737-> parts of the Jiji-Daraja bridge collapse; the revolutionaries blame the loyalists; growing numbers of invaders and conquerors coming from newly formed nations;     738-> Goliath hordes invade the north, invading both loyalist and nationalist territory; meeting to discuss invaders; formation of a unified/neutral army to protect Gooti territories as a whole-> main quarters in Nyumbani; end of the year-> large scale attack by the island kingdom Portissa


Very Tropical, dense Jungle, but also mountainous; The shore on the "knee pit" side is mostly cliffs but the rest are romantic white sand beaches;

Natural Resources

Jungle woods, precious minerals, exotic fruits and spices,


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