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NWO Access Tournament - Unexpected Interruption

Even if in this world there is no justice,
And we've seen enough to be sure of that- trust us,
We're strong enought to stand and fight, to become the knights,
The ones who fight for the world's meaning, our birthright!
- Torrel Hama, Quarter-Finals, Phase 5
When the New Word Order hosted its tournament to choose a protege for the Order's archbishop, it ran surprisingly well for being run by a group that had lived in isolation for centuries (hence the term "access tournament"). However, prior to the quarter-finals, a set of disgruntled previous contestants stormed the Cathedral of Word Order, apparently promised that they would attain numerous benefits if they interrupted the tournament and took the Cathedral for themselves. The remaining participants rallied to drive out the invaders, and the tournament continued after defeating the opponents.  

Round Summary

  Insurgents lead by previous contestant Aril Pomee broke into the Cathedral and began taking hostages among spectators and lower-level contestants alike. Two talented trios of siblings lead the counterattack: the Hama brothers, led by eldest brother Torrel, and the Mori sisters, led by eldest sister Memo. The battle was widely considered a curbstomp even with the disparity in numbers between the insurgents and the defenders, as the remaining participants skewed towards the more powerful end of the spectrum. While the battle was unprovoked, it was also unfair... for the attackers.

Round Transcript

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Conflict Type
Sports Event

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