Temple of Jubrul

The temple of the water lords is known as the Temple of Jubrul or the Temple of Water.   The water lord or water lords, are the primary focus of religious worship in the undersea kingdoms of Venúék.   While the number, gender and name of the water lords vary somewhat from underwater culture to culture, or race to race, they collectively are known as divine water. The Temple of Jubrul worships them collectively.   The largest moon, Ven is also personified and worshiped as a secondary deity by the same name Ven.


Each culture or race has its own high priest and structure. The structures are loosely hierarchical, but changes frequently in a way that fits the nature of the lords of water.   The high priest of the Triton people serves as a key advisor to the Lord of Venúék.
Religious, Temple
Official State Religion
Permeated Organizations
Controlled Territories


Author's Notes

While religions in Zihæt borrow from historical perceptions of various human religions, they are not and should not be interpreted as "copies" or representations of any one particular religion. Rather, specific elements are borrowed to support the story, as well as specific societal and personal motivations within the story. As such these are works of fiction and not religious commentary.

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