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The Tiefling's Horn

Tavern for the many

Written by evertide1

The Tiefling's Horn is the one and only Tavern in the Town of Beth. People of all races come here to eat, drink and have the most fun they can. A cozy, warm Tavern, come to the Tiefling's Horn for games, beer, and friends. Come for the Steak Toast, and return for the atmosphere. Bards play on the stage, patrons play games all throughout, and Barman Wilam pours everyone's favorite fire whiskey, The Infernal Legacy. In the shape of a horn, the first floor of the Tiefling's Horn is a lively pub, and the upper floor is an inn, with fifteen open rooms for any adventurers' looking for a place to stay. And if you ever need a tip for a quest, Barmaid Kani knows all the town gossip and is excited to share any that she can. The Triplet Cooks can cook up (almost) whatever you ask for. Johnny, Janice, and Journey Cook were once adventurers who traveled through the world of Ajjitok to find exotic dishes that tested their cooking skills and are always willing to hear any recipes you've come across on your travels. Enjoy your stay at The Tiefling's Horn!
Welcome to The Tiefling's Horn!
Enjoy an Infernal Legacy, the strongest Fire Whiskey in the land! Or maybe you would rather spend a night in one of our suites upstairs?
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant
The bar is for drinking, the tables are for eating, and the stage is for the bards... or anyone who is so drunk they want to do karaoke. Get a rumor or two from Kani as you enjoy food cooked by the world-famous Triplet Cooks and drinks hand-brewed in this Tavern!
Enjoy your night, and return tomorrow for more of what you love!

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