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Danny Whitehorn

Daniel Whitehorn (a.k.a. Danny) (he/him)

Physical Description

Body Features

Danny is quite tall and very lanky.

Facial Features

Danny has a long, rectangle-shaped face.

Special abilities

Magic element - earth; Specialty - fabric manipulation

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Danny was born in Anhedonia several years before magic was made illegal, but Penumbras were still nigh unheard of in Thalass and King William Richardson had already begun slaughtering them and their human counterparts. Thankfully, his Penumbra, Rae, was discovered extremely early in his life and was quickly given their own body. Danny's parents hid Rae from the government and raised them as their own child. Danny and Rae were extremely protective of each other as children and had a hard time getting close to anyone, due to their paranoia over being discovered by the government. In reality, they were relatively safe, since the hunt for Penumbras had mostly stopped after magic was made illegal. At eighteen years old, Danny and Rae moved into an apartment together, and, relieved and amazed they'd survived so long, became slightly less paranoid and began to make friends and have a normal life. At twenty, Danny met Kyo Shiori and began sleeping with him. Danny really liked Kyo, but couldn't find the courage to ask him out for real, believing him to be out of his league. To his surprise, Kyo was the one to ask him out, and the two began to date. This was the first real relationship Danny had been in, outside of a few isolated dates in the past few years, and he realized he was falling in love with Kyo. Amazingly, it seemed that Kyo felt the same way, and Danny was happy. Then, Kyo revealed that he'd been lying about his identity, and that he was actually Jaswin Angire, the crown prince of Hiareth. Danny was shocked, but decided to tell Jaswin about Rae to reassure him he wouldn't give him over to the government. Jaswin was relieved, and the convenient coincidence allowed the two of them to continue being together, supporting and helping each other hide. Not long after they revealed their secrets to each other, Jaswin was possessed by Hayden and vanished from Anhedonia. Danny was distraught, not knowing where his partner had gone, and didn't know what to do. Eventually, Jaswin reappeared, then went to defeat Hayden once and for all. To Danny's joy and relief, he returned unharmed, and invited Danny and Rae to move with him to Ajakai, where he needed to return to in order to learn to be king. Danny and Rae agreed, and went with Jaswin to Ajakai, which was slowly being returned to its former glory. A few years later, Danny and Jaswin got married.



Danny's speech is chill and measured, with frequent dry humor


Jaswin Angire

Partner (Vital)

Towards Danny Whitehorn




Danny Whitehorn

Boyfriend (Vital)

Towards Jaswin Angire




Nicknames & Petnames

Jaswin calls Danny "darling," "my love," "sweetheart," "babe," "honey," and any other number of endearments. Danny occasionally calls Jaswin "my love," but generally sticks to "Jas."

Shared Secrets

Jaswin revealed to Danny that he had a fake identity and was actually the crown prince of Hiareth. In return, Danny told him that Rae Whitehorn was his Penumbra.

Biological Sex
Pale blue
Dark brown, kinky
Skin Tone
Dark brown
Known Languages
Thalan (first language, fluent), Hiarethian (fluent)

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