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Guards watch over the Tribe in order to protect members from predators, aggressive pack cats, or other threats. They are trained to fight individually and in organized groups. They also know how to fight their own kind, as well as other predator animals that live within their territory. They utilize natural weapons- claws and teeth- as well as manufactured tools. They use snares, blades, nets, and leather armor.  

Guards have multiple tasks in order to keep the Tribe safe:

  • They accompany Hunters on expeditions in order to deter opportunistic packs and predators. They keep watch over the Hunters as they butcher the kill and prepare it for transport back to the Tribe village.
  • They patrol the wards to deter other cats from settling within Tribe village boundaries. They keep track of what is occurring outside the wards that could be considered a threat, such as a nearby pack or natural disaster.
  • They man watchtowers over the village
  • They accompany Healers and Crafters as they search for materials outside the wards.
  • They provide physical labor, such as carrying product or pulling sleds.

Guards have a three-part cycle to their responsibilities:

  1. Expeditions= Any task that occurs outside the camp (One day)
    • Patrolling wards
    • Guarding other classes outside the wards
  3. Camp Post= Assist in physical labor within the camp (Two days)
  5. Watchtower= Man the watchtower (One day)
A Day of Rest

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