They lead the Feral organization in the protection and safety of all of Penwall especially the Monarchs.


They must be in good physical shape and possess some decent skill with literomancy. Though their most important quilification is loyalty and willingness to protect both the people and their leaders no matter the cost.


They must have sworn loyalty to House Ailurus, and proven themselves as trustworthy to the leaders who they will serve and to the people who must trust their judgment in emergency sittuations. Combat training is also essential.


While anyone is free to volunteer to join the Feral's their appointement is made by either the Archon or Polemarch, either together or alone. Usually followed by a celebratory feast and day of relaxation and fun.   Though this seemed to have just been suggesttion for Barborossa the Wayfinder, as he was appointed officially only after he had taken on the duties ofd the role himself. He did this by begining to follow Senna around like a puppy of some sort.


To see after the safety and health of the Archon and Polemarch as well as to keep tabs on the security of the protectorate. Including but not limited coordinating with local law inforcement and military agencies so as to keep the peace and make everything is operataing correctly.


Running reports and keeping security files up to date, keeping a close eye on the royal family and all guests, and handling any issues of the average person that the other branches can't resolve.


They recive very nice pay and recieve expidited health care. In addition they also benefit from their close proxemity to the royal family.
Form of Address
Sir, Madam, Master
Alternative Naming
Panda Guard
Equates to
a Knight and the main bodyguard of the current Panda Archon and/or Panda Polemarch.
Source of Authority
The Panda Archon
Length of Term
Untill retirement or death
Reports directly to
Related Locations
Related Organizations

Cover image: House Ailurus Crest by Misades


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