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16 of Erstfhroe, 1197md

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The world is ancient, ancient beyond time but most of that ancient past has been lost to time, wars, and plagues. The most recent times, however, are etched into the collective conscious and remembered quite vividly. It is only in the last century that the world has climbed out of darkness with the defeat of an evil and greedy god. More than a millennium passed under his cruel reign and a world covered in cloudy twilight.   The sun is shining once again, the peoples of the world are beginning to prosper and put the thousand year war behind them. Populations are slowly beginning to rise again as there is peace in most of the lands. But in all this time of war and darkness, monsters and other evil have had plenty of time to dig in and repopulate the forests and mountains. Things remain quiet for the moment because civilization and the wilderness have not had much opportunity to collide but that will change soon.   Two months ago, a comet was seen screaming into the atmosphere and it apparently collided with Aihrde somewhere in the frozen north. News travels slowly in the rebuilding lands but there have been a few disturbing reports of a glacier that was melted by this impact and major flooding and destruction from the melt.