Welcome to Aidonia

20th of Overlight, AE 721  
Aidonia is a tidally-locked satellite, one hemisphere mired in perpetual daylight, and the other in eternal night with areas known as the Dawn and Dusk Regions located in between. While the Dawn Region is largely unpopulated, covered by the vast Trennet Ocean, the rest of Aidonia is a vast and diverse place made up of three large continents: Phicen, Adis, and Vriddasa.   Phicen is located entirely within the sun-facing hemisphere; divided by the tallest mountain range in the world, the Vaté Mountains, it is home to a number of landscapes from lush rainforests, to montane shrublands, to sweltering deserts. It is a hub of technological and magical innovation, and as such is frequently at the center of controversy for one reason or another.   Adis is located opposite of Phicen, almost exclusively within the star-facing hemisphere, with the exception of the furthest end of the Mosvadoran Peninsula which reaches through the Dusk Region. The biomes in Adis lean colder, harsher, and less forgiving, but are no less populated. It has a near monopoly on the study of astronomy, and is home to the largest empire in the world by both land area and population, the Khairluutian Empire.   Vriddasa straddles the line in between, with approximately two-thirds of the country being sun-facing and the other third divided between the Dusk Region and star-facing. It is a far more rural continent and, despite being a seemingly perfect guiderail for ships travelling between Phicen and Adis, it has very few ports of call due to how dangerous the shores can be. The fey realm faults found in the sun-facing end of the continent can be equally as dangerous, but are enough of a fascination that some are willing to risk traversing near them.   The current era is the Ayadane Era, named for the Ayadane Pantheon of deities. It's quite a young pantheon, less than a millennia old and not yet fully formed. Many portfolios remain unclaimed, and many more people desire to hold them. However, ascending to divinity is a process few truly understand. Changes between eras and pantheons are often cataclysmic, setting back the progress of regular mortals by centuries and leaving behind few records. Regardless of their precise methods, the Ayadane deities laid waste to the previous pantheon, the Lizdah Deities, and ascended as they did to take their places.   The entire planet is re-learning how to function in a world with new nations, new leaders, and new gods, all laying claim to whatever they believe to be theirs.

Cover image: Goldream-1 by JR Korpa


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