The TLDR intro

20th of Overlight, AE 721  

people hate reading sometimes, i get it.

  • One side of the planet is always daytime (Phicen), one side is always nighttime (Adis), there are some in between areas too (Vriddasa)
  • The current pantheon of deities is the Ayadane Pantheon
  • The previous pantheon was the Lizdah Deities
  • The Ayadane deities merc'd the Lizdah deities and stole their divinity because they were awful and terrible and fuck those guys
  • Primordial Deities are old, left over deities that ascended with previous pantheons, but didn't get merc'd. It only includes Dalekiy and Nezna
  • East and West are now Dawnward and Duskward, but kinda fucked up. Have fun figuring it out.

Cover image: Goldream-1 by JR Korpa


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