Athletics in the Avarian Divine Empire

1st of Sun's Swell, AE 721  
CW: This article contains mentions of suicide, overdosing, substance abuse, abusive power dynamics, and the abuse of children. Please avoid the "Controversy" section of this article if these subjects will cause discomfort.
  Avarin athletes are recognized across the world for their excellence and accomplishments. Carefully cultivated through state-sponsored programs, Avarin athletes typically begin their careers when they're quite young. Childcare programs within the Empire emphasize well-roundedness, combining classroom education with lessons on physical health and athletics. During the latter, children are evaluated for their aptitude in specific areas, and those that show promise may be offered placements in state programs which will fully fund their education as well as their athletic training for the entirety of their career, so long as they continue to meet the state's high standards of exceptionalism.   Being recruited as a coach in the Empire is often seen as the pinnacle of one's career, with only the best of the best being poached from nations across the globe.   While state programs span nearly every possible field of athletics, Avarin athletes are considered especially formidable in gymnastics and mage's chess.  


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Although few within the Empire speak out against the state's athletic programs due to strict rules regarding when and how athletes may speak to the media, there are a number of points of opposition from the international community. Critics note harsh, some would say inhumane, training regiments that Avarin athletes are said to be subject to. Even the youngest children in their programs go through intense training for long hours, and are said to be subject to verbal abuse and corporal punishment for misbehavior or subpar performances.   Critics also frequently point to the number of deaths of Avarin athletes which are officially attributed to accidental overdoses, either being indicative of rampant substance abuse at best, or having been suicides at worst.
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Active athletes
Nova Zonaras, women's gymnastics

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