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Annemie Woudman

1st of Sun's Swell, AE 721  

Her Excellency the Prime Minster of Elektrenai, Lady of the Forests

Born in the Elektren central woodlands, Annemie's upbringing was much like any other child in a small logging town. She helped her mother with chores around the house, weeded the garden every morning, and ventured out to the forest to pick blackberries for jam and pies whenever they were ripe. It was the latter activity which led her to discover the Virag Archway.   When her arm's reach was no longer long enough to reach the berries, eight-year-old Annemie grabbed her mother's gardening shears and began clipping a small passageway for herself, thorns scratching her along the way but managing to collect that which even small songbirds struggled to access. She eventually reached what she first thought was an old, dead tree before she realized how it abruptly turned ninety degrees, running parallel to the ground. She would spend the rest of the day clipping further into the brambles until the could stand under the large archway.   In interviews, she describes the experience like waking up from a dream, as though she were gaining consciousness and truly getting her bearing for the first time. Archaeologists have long since excavated the area, uncovering the arch and its connection with Virag, the now dead deity of nature from the Lizdah Era. While the archway is believed to have been more of a doorway to a larger ancient structure, perhaps a place of worship, Annemie has long alleged there is something sacred about the archway itself; a small hint of divinity left behind intentionally.   Lagging tree farm harvests combined with already present worries about what the lack of a nature deity could do to the world has allowed Annemie to create a simple political platform: Elektrenai does not have to worry about the lack of a nature deity if they create their own, as Virag clearly intended for them to.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

One of the driving points of Annemie's worshippers is her intent to ensure Elektrenai is cared for first and foremost. For a country which is one of the world's largest exporters of timber, their tree farm harvests are supremely important, and so having a god who cares for them, who is one of them, is highly appealing.   After Elektrenai, Annemie has made known her intent to increase agricultural yields the world over to end hunger, especially for those allies which are willing to help her achieve ascension. Those who stand in her way would oppose not only her, but the wellbeing of the rest of the world, and should be treated as such.
Dark brown, hooded, unexpressive
Wavy, wenge brown, always the perfect amount of messy
5'8" (175 cm)

Cover image: Goldream-1 by JR Korpa
Character Portrait image: Made with Girl Maker


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