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Three Ringed Staff of the Bodhisattva


  This staff is blessed by eastern monks and is meant to heal the sick. This staff of cleansed oak and topped with purified brass radiates a small, but strong aura of Good and Neutral energies. The three rings symbolize the three stages of the soul. Birth, Death, and Reincarnation. Normally wielded by a traveling Shu-zin sect of Monks or by the retired leader of a monastery. It has 5 charges which recharge each morning if wielded by a Good Monk. One charge per day for everyone else.  


  +2 Staff-Monk Weapon   melee weapon (simple, monk weapon)   Damage: 1d4 + 1d4   Damage Type: Bludgeoning, Radiant   Item Rarity: Very Rare   Properties: Aligned   Attunement Required  


  This item radiates a Good and Neutral aura. Any NE creature who attempts to use this staff without the attune’s permission, or the Divine’s if the item is Sanctified, must make a DC 20 Saving Throw of their choice. On a successful save they have Disadvantage on To Hit rolls with this weapon. On a failed save they take this weapon’s damage dice in Good damage. If this weapon comes in contact with an Aligned weapon of the opposite alignment each wielder rolls a D100 with the results listed below. This does not affect artifact items unless the other item is also of artifact rank.   100: The other weapon is destroyed.   60-99: The other wielder makes a Saving Throw with their Highest Save vs 8+this weapon’s wielder’s level. On a failed save they take 1d6 damage of one of the alignment types of the weapon.   30-59: This weapon’s wielder makes a DC 20 Dexterity or Strength Saving Throw. On a failed save they are knocked back 1d10+5 feet and fall prone. Or not falling prone on a successful save.   2-29: The weapon gains the Muted trait. Muted: An item with this trait loses its magical effects for a certain amount of time.   1: This weapon is destroyed.  


  Cure Wounds: 1 Charge   Bless: 1 Charge   Purify Food and Drink: 1 Charge   Prayer of Healing: 2 Charges   Mass Healing Word: 3 Charges   Remove Curse: 3 Charges   Lesser Restoration: 3 charges   Freedom of Movement: 4 Charges   Greater Restoration: 5 Charges   Mass Cure Wounds: 5 Charges

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