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Cabin Tent

Base Price: 2,000   Set Up: If you are trained in survival it takes 1 minute to set up, if not 5 minutes. A DC 13 survival check can be made to set it up in 1 minute. Same amount of time to take it down.   Weight: The tent weighs 30 pounds regardless of its contents.   Carry Weight: 2,500 pounds   HP: 30   AC: 11   Basic Livable Hammer Space: The space inside the tent can support basic life of the material plane. The tent can be locked from the inside making it like a pocket dimension separating the inside from the outside world. It will retain the temperature it had inside when deactivated when it is next activated. It has enough air for one medium human for 21 days. (assuming minimal movement and rounding the results I found). The tent does not have its own heat source but is insulated from most non-magical outside forces and common non-Divine and Artifact level magical weather.   (By most non-magical weather just use your common sense. Like the tent is not going to be ok if a Cat-5 hurricane drops on’s still a tent. Also, fun fact. Though there is enough air for 1 human for that amount of time they would die from CO2 poisoning in around 14 days. So if all 4 of you all spend more than 48 hours in that tent without opening it to the outside world...good luck.)    

-Tent Upgrades-

  Self-Repair: Ignore the first instance of structural damage from non-Artifact and below level sources each day-recharges on sunrise. If damaged beyond repair the contents of the tent will be ejected out at a rate of 30ft per within an area of 1d20+5 ft. (This is any amount of damage that would rip/break/compromise the "bubble" and link the outside world with inside the tent. A creature that does 1 damage in a single attack and a creature that does 20 damage in a single attack both activate the effect for the day.)   200-gold Lesser: 1 instance of damage per day.   500-gold Minor: 2 instances of damage per day.   1,000-gold Greater: 3 instances of damage per day. Heals 1 HP per minute.   2,000-gold Major: 4 instances of damage per day. +10 max HP, heals 2 HP per minute.     Anti-Ambush: Upon activation choose a size of creature and/or a classification such a "Anything bigger than a common house cat" or "Any aberration" or "Any demonic creature" or "Any creature period" if they come within 30ft of the tent they make a Stealth Check VS a DC. On a failed roll an alarm will sound within the tent, outside the tent, or both. The sound can be anything from a light ringing bell or a blaring horn that lasts up to 30 seconds. Once the alarm is on it can be turned off as a verbal command by the person who set up the tent if they are within 30ft of the tent.   (Keep in mind if you choose something like "Any creature period" one a Fly buzzing by or a worm digging its way under the tent would set it off. It also won't alert you to creatures already within the 30ft area when activated.)   DC 10: 200-gold   DC 12: 500-gold   DC 14: 1,000-gold   DC 16: 2,000-gold   DC 18: 3,000-gold     Regional Camouflage: When activated the tent takes a "snapshot" of the area 30ft around it, cannot pass through barriers or solid objects, and alters the coloring based on the location. All non-magical sight-based Perception rolls to notice the tent have a minus to notice the tent. (This only works at activation. If, for some reason, the area around you changes notably you need to set the tent up again. It can alter its self-enough to change with the change in lighting such as clouds making an over cast or the setting of the sun.)   200-gold Lesser: -1   500-gold Minor: -2   1,000-gold Greater: -3   2,000-gold Major: -4
Each square is 5ft by 5ft and the tent is 10ft tall on the inside.

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