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The City of Refuge

The City of Ugz'had is said to have been founded by barbarians that had been banished south. Rather than preying upon the locals, they instead became protectors earning the people's trust. And so the militaristic city state of Uhz'had had been formed, defended on 3 sides by the Aegis Mountains. Inhabited by many races considered to be barbarians by outsiders, the city of Ugz'had is a very civilized place. Lead by the supreme military commander, The Shogun, the city boasts a long and celebrated military history. In Ugz'had, a man is only as good as his word. Honor is everything.


Ruled by The Shogun, the supreme military commander of the city.
Alternative Name(s)
The City of Refuge, Shogunate of Ugz'had
Inhabitant Demonym

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