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The large town of Dulttang(Korean for Second Land) is the capital of the Duchy of Komora. Dulttang is a vibrant, lively town with a unique style for most buildings here. Supposedly founded by they fey nearly a thousand years ago, many residents today can claim fey ancestry. While the town had fallen under the harsh rule of Dragon Lord Visulon, it has recently been conquered by Queen Visula. The Queen reinstalled the Kinneas family as the head of Dulttang and the Duchy of Komora. The town has begun a period of slight renewal, hindered by the continued civil war in the nation.


50% Human, 27% Elf/Half-Elf/Fey Decent, 13% Halfling, 4% Gnome, 3% Dwarf, 2% Dragonborn, 1% other.


Ruled by Duke Arnor Kinneas


As of December 1228 AM, a portal linking to The Fey Wild has been opened in the Soojib Grove outside of town.
  • Map of Dulttang
Large town
Owning Organization
New Barroth
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