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Order of the Void

You have been touched by creatures far beyond the known realms. Their presence has conjoined with your blood. Your are plagued with dreams of incomprehensible elements and state of matter. Your understanding of the universe has thus becomes maddening and reality has become your puppet to an extent.  
Blood Hunter Level Features
3rd Vicious Will
7th Pluck Threads, Vicious Will (1st Boon)
11th Knowledge Improbable
14th Additional Threads, Vicious Will (2nd Boon)
15th Brand of Psychosis
18th Blood Curse of Horrific Enlightenment

Vicious Will

Upon selecting this order at 3rd level, your mind is hypersensitized to matters of thought. You replace the Primal Rite received at 2nd level with the Rite of the Oracle. You also do not gain the additional rites at 7th and 14th level. You instead gain the following features:   At 7th level, you gain advantage on saving throws against Psionics, Curses Madness Effects whilst you have the Rite of the Oracle active.   At 14th level, you gain a 10ft aura around you whilst the Rite of the Oracle is active. Hostile creatures within your aura have their Intelligence saving throws reduced by your Intelligence modifier.  

Pluck Threads

At 7th level, the horizons of reality have broadened in your mind. Your new perspective allows you to manipulate the world around you, at a cost. You gain two Reality Bend abilities and one Reality Bind from the lists featured below.   Once per turn, you can use one of your chosen Reality Bend abilities, however when you do so, you must also suffer the effect of your Reality Bind.   You gain one additional Reality Bend ability and one additional Reality Bind at 14th level. You can choose which Reality Bind you suffer from.  

Knowledge Improbable

At level 11, your Grim Psychometry is bolstered by your newfound knowledge of impossible. You have advantage on all Intelligence and Wisdom checks against dark objects you are holding or dark locations you are within. You are also considered proficient in Intelligence (History) checks on dark objects and locations regardless of whether you are holding the object or are within the location.  

Brand of Psychosis

At 15th level, a creature branded by your Brand of Castigation suffers the harshness of incomprehensible reality. When you are under the effect of one of your Reality Bind effects, the branded creature also suffers the same effect.  

Blood Curse of Horrific Enlightenment

At level 18, you gain the Blood Curse of Horrific Enlightenment for your Blood Maledict feature. This is not counted as your number of curses known.   Blood Curse of Horrific Enlightenment. As an action, you discombobulate the mind of your opponent. The creature must make an Intelligence saving throw. Upon failure, the cursed target suffers from a short-term madness (rolled in the madness table) for 1 minute, unless the rolled effect specifies otherwise. You are considered to be concentrating while this effect is active (as if concentrating on a spell).   Amplify. You can choose which short-term madness effect is placed on the cursed target.  

Reality Bends

Understanding the malleability of matter, time and space grants you god-like interactions with them all.   Clot. If a creature succeeds on a Saving throw against your Blood Maledict, you can use your reaction to enforce a reroll. The creature must use this new result.   Count. You can increase or decrease the result of a hemocraft die roll by 3 (no action required). You cannot reduce the die roll to 0, or increase it beyond the maximum of the die.   Flick. As a bonus action, you can teleport yourself or a willing creature within 30ft. The target teleports up to 10ft from their origin location.   Mend. You can heal yourself as a bonus action. You regain hit points equal to your hemocraft die + your Intelligence modifier.   Mutate. When you make an Attack action whilst your Rite of the Oracle is active, you can choose to change the damage type to that of a Primal Rite.   Seer. You gain true sight up to 10 feet until the start of your next turn (no action required).  

Reality Binds

Altering the arrangement of powerful forces has consequences that are taken out upon your physical form.   Mire. Your saving throws are reduced by 2 until the start of your next turn.   Rot. Your AC is reduced by 2 and your speed is decreased by 10ft until the end of your next turn.   Stall. You cannot take bonus action or reactions until the end of your next turn.   Veil. You cannot see beyond 10 feet of yourself until the end of your next turn.   Vice. You take damage equal to your hemocraft die.

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