The Monstrous Lady

Every Axen Fallen Night
There is a statue untouched by light,
Screeching, crying bloody tears
Reminding us of the massacre throughout the years.

— A poem about the statue

In Atlasé there is a statue that is rumoured to cry bloody tears or bleeding, there are even some people who claim the statue screamed at them. It has been hidden away for the public, since it is deemed too dangerous and is also considered unlucky. It is currently deep below the church in the Holy City, Luzven, since the holiness surpasses any bad luck it might bring.


No one is sure about the origin of this statue, but there is a common myth connected to this statue. The myth states that the statue was made shortly after the massacre of the Taroths.

It was made out a Taroth's siblingtree, which is a tree a Taroth shares seeds with, they are best described as twins, but a Taroth cannot survive without its siblingtree. The feller had returned a few days after the massacre and took a piece of a siblingtree with him home to remind him never to forget the horrible day. Shortly after he had started carving out a female body and head, he died.
It is said the feller had tried to carve Irath to sooth his troubled soul, but the souls of the Taroths lingering in the wood brought him too much distress that he killed himself, without finishing the statue.

Item type
Religious / Ritualistic
Owning Organization
20 cm high
Related species
Taroth, Dynbodaul


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