You decided that the woman and the man deserved to live and you want to help them escape. You can feel a slight worry for what to do about the colonel, but that has to wait.
You grab once again the man's arm and drag him away from prying eyes, and you then take your sword to cut his ropes that ties his hands together. You then turn to the woman, and tell her to run away with the man as fast as they can.
Once they are out of sight, you turn to the trough to splash water onto the ground to make it look like you had drowned someone. You find some bags and put a few branches inside to make it look a bit like a man. Then you dig a grave where you put the decoy inside, and cover it with dirt afterwards.

You return to the colonel, scared that he might figure out what you did, but you try not to show it to him.
"I have completed the task you gave me, sir." You tell him.
"Good let me see if you have done it properly. Show me the body!" He says. You get nervous, since you do not have a body to present to him.
"I already buried him. Just to make sure the Illirfrain does not travel to the Irath'las." You try to explain without letting your voice betray you.
"Then show me the grave you just made." Says the colonel. Knowing there is no other way, but to show him the grave, you do so. The colonel points at two other of your column.
"You two shall dig this grave up!" Ordered the colonel, and the two appointed each took a shovel. Once they dug up the decoy you made, you start to pale and feel the anxiousness of the situation pressing down on you. The colonel looks at your decoy and then back at you with a very angry look. You need to figure out an excuse.
"Either the Illifrain man was sudden turned to sticks, or he fled once you turned your back to the grave, and left this... thing in the grave you made. But I personally thing you never cleansed the man. I think you helped him escape." The colonel says coolly while he approaches you. You try to take a few step back to distance yourself, but is met with resistance by your fellow group, who blocks your way. The colonel takes his hand around your throat.
"You helped him to escape. I see that weak look in your eyes. Now the Illirfrain will not get cleansed and will continue his malicious acts another place. Do not fret. We will get him sooner rather than later, once the bounty on him is spread." Says the colonel with contempt.
"The wife told me he never once did a malicious act." You try to say with much difficulty.
"And you believe an old hag over your commanding leader?" Asks the colonel with a menacing laughter.
"She told me the Order took donations to heal such peoples." You try to explain, your face starts to redden.
"Oh you poor gullible fool. Of course we take donations, but not by letting the guilty walk freely around us. You have committed two crimes ... no, three crimes while you were responsible for this task. 1. You decide to take a bribe, this is punishable by lashing. 2. You go against the words of a commanding colonel, which is punishable by exile. And 3. You decided to let the worse scum walk freely around to spread his bad influences. That is also punishable by death. Now, since I am your commanding leader, I decide that your actions should be punished by death. And since you left the trough with the water and the content of the vial I gave you, your punishment shall be Cleansing." Says the colonel who punches you hard in the stomach once he releases your throat.
He then drags you by the hair to the trough and holds you down into the water. You try to resist his iron grip but without any success. The water feels like it is eating your face away while you feel the last air slip from your lungs, and you feel the dark consume you.


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