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Summer Camp Pledge

Overall goal and motivation for my project/world

My goal for my world is to write a book, but also have fun with world building with focus on how religion and myths shapes us as humans (and other beings). My motivation for this project has always been to have fun and play around with my imagination, to create a world that can make sense in some areas, and in others being wonderful and dangerous.

Homework 1: Goals and motivations

Last year I had several things in my life that made me not able to concentrate, but I managed at that time to do copper. THIS year, I'm going for diamond (31 prompts!) just because my concentration has become better and my world is more organised than before.

I also have a ton of ideas that are just waiting to jump on any article template, time is the only issue currently, but BADGES MAKES FOR GREAT MOTIVATION!

My goal for this summer camp will be to expand on some areas I've already touched upon. This can be the Bucath, some more human settlements and culture, like the The Flooded Scars, I can focus on the king's bloodline, for which I've already worked on (look at the sidebar), or I can focus on the religious part, since I have a whole religious book that needs to be less of a first draft!

Homework 2: Themes

Expanse: For the first theme I want to focus primarily on the cultural and religious expanse of Western Agia. It's important for me how each nation affect one another, and how religion, particular Irathism, has expanded over several centuries and clashes with other religious beliefs. I can also take the territorial expanse into consideration, since there's a lot of war happening within and between nations.

Leadership: I want to focus on the monarchs and other head of states in Western Agia, and the church hierarchy, since I still need to do this, and it's will be necessary to have a better understanding of my world later on.
Discovery: I feel, that I am only able to focus on exploration within this theme. I can focus on the more unknown part of Agia, such as rediscovering some races in Agia, such as the Môrwen or Bucaths. Or even the mysterious lands of legend in Eastern Agia.

Monstrous: I might delve more into the monstrous acts of the church or just in general Fundras which is basically one big monstrous nation (not in size, but in geography and government system).

Homework 3: Inspiration

Normally my inspiration comes from the "medieval world" (about year 900-1600), and my old world notes. But I will be travelling to at least two medieval cities in Germany, which will be a golden ore of inspiration for my world.
Another thing that inspires me is my world map (seen in sidebar).
All my drawings are also inspired from medieval art, though often with a twist.

Homework 4:Planning for success

I can't really plan my schedule for July, since I'll be travelling and my schedules are currently not there. I am a better write late afternoon to late night, and I will have to write at least one article per day, preferable two, to get ahead.


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