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“I must say, these spicenuts are such a treat. Is it cinnamon and saffron I taste? How did you come to afford such expensive spices?” - Comtesse Eavi Tridos.
“‘Twas nothing, our family have always had connections to the lands of spices.” - Comtesse Vyra Peldoa.
“They certainly bring shame to my honey-coated almonds. Alas, the war has brought too many expenses.” - Comtesse Eavi Tridos.
“Not all are born to such luxuries, but worry not, I’m sure your nuts taste decent enough.” - Comtesse Vyra Peldoa.
— A conversation between Comtesse Eavi Tridos and Comtesse Vyra Peldoa

Lagirodd Diomdu is the gifting month in Western Agia. During this month, most of western Agia, gift small little-eats to their neighbours and families of same class and neighbourhood.

Most common spicenuts made for the neighbours are honey-coated almonds or other types of nuts. Some only fry their nuts in butter and a type of spice, often dried mint powder or salt, is used, because it is easily available to most classes. Some use licorice or cinnamon powder if they can afford the spices, but those with money and connections make a very sweet confectionary to gift to their neighbours. It is often to brag about their wealths and connections that the nobility and royals send these kinds of confectionaries to their neighbours of same rank.

Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink

Spicenuts confectionaries


1 litre of honey
Ground black pepper
Sliced bread


Take the honey, boil it and skim it clean. Take Saffron and ground black pepper and throw it in the mixture.
Take a sliced bread and make the mixture thick enough to be cut. Thereafter, take powdered cinnamon and strew it over. Shape the mixture into quarts like you would slice it.
After slicing it, stick cloves on.
If you wish them red, colour them with enough sandalwood.

Burned Almonds, Spicenuts for commoners


200 g almonds
200 g sugar
¾ dl water


Put almonds, sugar and water on a pan, and warm the mixture to liquid caramel on high heat. Keep stirring in the mixture until sugar crystallises and turns white and dry.
Keep warming the almonds while stirring until the outer layer of the sugar is caramelised light. Turn to lower heat.
If decided to have the almonds bright, then keep heating the almonds while stirring until the sugar is brown and liquid, and the almonds glossy.
Spread the almonds on a paper to cool them off. Break the cold almonds from each other and put them in a little gift box or piece of cloth for gifting.


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I like the unique blend of spices that really made me feel like I was tasting them for myself   You could further describe the different flavors and scents, or talk about the people's impressions by comparing non-nut tastes. This would give readers a better understanding of the spicenuts unique qualities .

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Oh thank you, I will definitely do that <3

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