Obsidian Glass-building Technology

The largest mystery in Northern Agia must be the Obsidian tower. For it is one of the tallest towers in Agia, and built seemingly only from Obsidian. How can a tower withstand such harsh conditions such as the weather in the north, and have survived for several centuries is the question that have attracted scholars and priests alike.
— Aewydim Scibodaeth
  In Inord in Northern Agia lies a cathedral known as the Obsidian Cathedral. It is completely unique with its tower made out of obsidian. The tower have been dated to around 1877 BGD, and is the only known construction of this kind. No one knows who or why it was built out of obsidian, though there are rumours the high priests of Lesfydd, followers of the goddess Rathias, knows its secrets.

The records written by scholars does not say anything about who built it, while the Lesfydd priests and pilgrim records describe it to be erected in honour of the Goddess Rathias, who in return blessed the building to make it last as long as there were people following her.


I have only been able to obtain records about this tower, since only a few are allowed up in the tower. In the records it is described to be able to open up to a crystal in the top, which can reflect the light into eight directions, which is then cast into mirrors that points the light into a single spot inside the tower. Its usage is completely obscure, and even the inner workings have several disputing records.

The inner workings of the obsidian cathedral is controlled by a lever which is connected to several small wheels that pulls in robes that ultimately opens the roof to the crystal.

The roof has six openings, not that it can open a lot, but enough for the light to shine through the crystal.

— Research on the Obsidian Cathedral's inner workings by Ion fa Ghisnel, 824 AGD.
Today I was finally allowed inside the Obsidian Tower. It was such an impressive building, no came glasswork is visible, if that is even used. I were not able to discover how the priests were able to open the roof, but I believe a handle on a wheel controlling the ropes for the roof was used.

The roof had six openings, though not large, just enough for the light of Tewyblis could shine in the crystal in the top.
— Pilgrim diary of Fiobes fa Tahln, 678 AGD.

These two examples shows the differences of historical records about the tower, which have not made me any wiser on the inner workings. But one thing that was repeated in several records was, that the opening consist of six openings in the roof, and there is indeed a crystal in the top.

The pilgrim diary of Fiobes fa Tahln also show it is strictly used for the light of Tewyblis, which confirms the tower is solely accessible for followers of Rathias.


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9 Aug, 2022 13:10

As someone who had a bit of a volcanic glasscrafting kick with this year's summercamp, it's really neat to see someone else writing about building with obsidian! I'd really love to learn more about this structure and its secrets :)

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