You have finally joined the Calvary. This is the best of the best who are here and you could not help to feel prouder than ever before. As a calvarier you get to lend a war horse that shall lead you into glorious battles. And you get to train with both spear and sword. You feel the envious stares of your fellow recruits, and you cannot help to straighten up by pride.

You slowly drift into a daydream where you see yourself be a hero who defeated hordes of Dymórleshra and the likes, until you are pulled out of the dream by the Quill. The Quill looks rather old and you do not really feel like spending time with him when you could train.
"Young cavalier. I need to teach you how to write and read so you can be ready for any situations." Says the Quill, and you feel very tempted just to decline, but knowing the Order, disobeying the Quill meant disobeying the Order, and no one wants to suffer those consequences, thus you let him teach you.

A few months after, the colonel of your column approaches you and your column.
"Cavaliers. News have spread that a nearby village holds a Illirfrain. It is said the man battled in war and changed once he got home. It is our duties as protectors of Irath's Agia to slay this foul beast who has taken the appearance of the poor fallen soldier." Explained the colonel, and your column immediately starts to ready for this assignment.

Once you arrive to the village, you hear shouts and cries. Some of those who shouts holds a man who looks more like a ghost of himself, sweat pours from him and he is pale. A woman tries to pull the man from the clutches of the mob, she is crying and begging them to take pity on him. Your colonel dismount his horse and steps forward and the mob make way for him and your group.
"Pass the man to me. I shall judge whether this man is Illirfrain or simply a man haunted by his previous actions." Said the colonel, and the mob did as he told them to. The Colonel grabs the man's jaw, which makes the man slightly frightened, and he starts to shake.
"Look me into my eyes." Said the colonel with venom, and the man reluctantly did.
"This man is Illirfrain. Our group will handle this from now on, run along now." Shouted the colonel, and the mob, however curious, did as they were told. No one wanted to meet the pointy end of the sword.

The colonel approaches you.
"You! How do we kill the Illirfrain?" Asks the Colonel.
"With Cleansing Water." You answer.
"Do it! Here, take this vial and pour its content into trough over there, and make sure the man does not live after he meets the water." Explained the Colonel who then with your group walks into the tavern. You feel slightly disappointed by their action as you dismount your horse, but also know it is your time to prove that you are willing to protect Agia.
You grab the man and pull him along with you until the very same lady, who protected the man before, stops you.
"Please, spare my husband. He is ill, not malicious. Ever since he returned home he has been a shadow of himself, but not once has he hurt anyone. This I swear." Says the woman with tearful face.
"I have gotten orders to cleanse this man." You simply answer, but you cannot help to feel pity.
"I can pay you. I have heard your order takes... donations and heals the person who is accused." Says the woman who now hold a little coin purse in her free hand.

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