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Ages Die


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Ages Die the date is 4th era year 1217. This is a world of conflict and diplomacy; Forgiveness, betrayal; hate and love; a world where Empires rise and fall and only their scattered remains is left to tell their tales of strife and heroes. This is a world where gifted men can tame the tides of the Imperien to be wielded as magic and sorcery. Although one has to be careful with such powers, the mythic arts of the Imperien is dark and unforgiving, if not handled with great care it will rip you apart skin, gut and soul. Ages Die is a vast and dangerous world where the realms of men barely extend beyond the Land of Euriss. Euriss the God of earth and forgiveness, wife to Euridas, the God of Protection, Or so people call them, because of course no one has ever seen a god even tho some claim to be them. The continent of Euriss is divided in to countries and loosely grouped in to different ethnicities, most Realms are ruled by men, from the peninsula of Saintedîl to the fjords of Nordvik. The Elves is the only other race to have their own standing realms, ever since after the dwarven collapse a thousand years ago.

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