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The Clan Shuumannog

The clan of Shuumanong is the only surviving dynasty of the empire that used to own the area known as the Shattered Provinces. Is that a run-on sentence? They function almost like a criminal organization, if that criminal organization had morals so ironclad it would make most knights envious of their invulnerability. The children are raised to believe in the clan's unique code of honor, putting the idea of standing firm to your principles above even their own survival. They seem suicidal to the more unscrupulous warlords that dominate the majority of the Shattered Provinces.


At the top, the monarchic Eldest, the direct descendants of the final Emperor. Commonly featured as the trunk of the family tree. The next in command are their families, wives, younger children, etc. Below them are the cousins of the center. The descendants of the cousins of the emperor, their families and their more distant relatives. At the bottom are all the children, to be instructed from birth and assigned tasks according to the orders according of the current head.

Public Agenda

The public agenda of the Clan of Shuumanong is to survive. They also mean to restore order to their collapsed empire by any means necessary, at least officially. On the ground, they have refused to murder civilians. They are, in their words, "Not Trolls, not Taldefans, and not those degenerates who kill women and children, they hide and cower with no shame. We have honor, strength, and family."


The assets of the Clan include their relatively huge area of controlled territory, the fortresses of the old empire, and all those who live within the area. Horses, foot soldiers, charioteers, and seemingly magical constructs that fire arrows with streaks of fire in huge numbers.


The Dynasty Shuu, first Emperor Mannong, came to power after the previous imperial dynasty's last member died without an heir. The new Emperor, Mannong, commissioned the creation of the golden chariot of Mannongheim, and the sword Shuu Ohlak. Subsequent genertions used these weapons in ritual combat, but never in a real military campain. Then, PLAAAGUE!!! struck. Huge die off in the cities tore the heart out of an already stagnant economy, and the empire could no longer police the countryside, so the local lords took power, beginging an era of warring feudal states. The Clan of Shuumanong emerged from the ruins of the capital city, took control, and entered the fray, to take their ancestor's glory back. They have destroyed many a warlord, and they, unlike their enemies, have a moral code to inspire their citizenry. Namely, taking prisoners, not murdering civilians, and following orders. They lead by example, and so far, the people follow.


The military of the Clan is limited to their highly trained special forces. Trained from birth, the second sons of most high ranking family members are skilled in the use of close combat techniques, knives, thrusting swords, two-handed hammers, and thicker than average armor. They can use the heavier weaponry because they are often not operating for extended periods of time. They operate primarily in cities and surprise attacks in dense forests. Single missions with single objectives and they don't fail. They sacrifice themselves without a second thought, no fear, and a huge hammer or two.


All children, regardless of their standings as adults, are taught by the official family Governess. Their concept of honor will be hammered into their heads and teach them to use all of their family heirlooms effectively. These heirlooms include the relic sword called the Shuu Ohlak, the golden chariot called the Mannogheim.

We Are Here To Take Our Land Back. Try And Stop Us

Founding Date
1030 U.V. (came to power in the empire) 1087 U.V. (when the empire collapsed and the Clan became a separate organization.)
Political, Family

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