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Age of Vortarius

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A world where all the Gods have long since died, cut off from their magical histories by the return of the Golden King. This is the reality where magic and Gods departed, left mortality in an empty existence. This is the reality where civilisation was overrun by the corrupting faith of Saint Vortarius. This is the reality where technology advanced and the world expanded.   ***   At the end of the Fifth Age, the Golden King returned to the mortal realm of Terralba. Due to forgotten myths, bickering infighting and religious manipulation, the inhabitants of this world had no preparation for this foretold second-coming. At the zenith of His power, when the Great Hag was killed by the hands of puppets, the Golden King hunted down and executed every last Surviving God from the Era of Old.   In that exact moment, where the Golden King - a deity born from unholy miscreation between God and Mortal Blood - became the only living deity of the Heavens, two realities split from one another in some attempt to prevent His dominion over all existence. This reality calls this point in time the Reckoning.   In an instant all traces of the Survivor Gods disappeared, all true holy men disappeared and Clerics blessed by the gifts of their deities burned in ethereal flame.

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