Snow People

Snow People is a human cultural group that lives in the Rand Mountains, west of the former territory of the Empire of Norma. Before the Great Mage War they were subjects of the empire, but now they are independant.

I've met Snow People. They are formidable fighters. I wouldn't want to face them in battle
— A soldier of the Divine Army


Shared customary codes and values

The 3 pillars of the Snow People

  • Strength
  • Community
  • Survival

  • Art & Architecture



    Snow People who live in the valleys between the mountains, live in simple wooden houses. In most of their villages temples are the only stone buildings. The architecture of these villages is mostly practical and with few decorative elements.


    Those of the Snow People who live higher in the mountains, usually live in adapted caves or keeps built into the mountainsides. In those areas stone is the most commonly used building material. One of the best known keeps in the mountains is the Snow King's Castle. Additionally, the mountain settlements are the main centres of art among the Snow People.


    Most of the Snow People's art comes in the form of small-scale pieces. Jewelry is the most well-known aspect of it. Bracelets, necklace and rings made of copper and gold are common among the women, priests and nobles.

    Sculptures too aren't foreign to the Snow People. They are mostly made of stone or wood. The chosen material depends mainly on current availability. As such stone sculptures are much more common in the mountain settlements while wooden ones are more common in the valleys.

    Snow People Bracelet by KajetanWrites with MidJourney

    Coming of Age Rites

    The coming of age rite, known also as the Rite of Cold, is meant to harden the young men and women to the extreme conditions that can be found in the mountains. When a child reaches the age of 18 years, they are taken to a secluded place where they have to survive on their own for a week. They are given only a bow, some arrows, some water and food for 2 days. They are meant to survive a week and come back to the settlement on their own. Returning earlier is considered a sign of weakness and is punishable by death. Also, if the person does not return on their own no one is allowed to look for them.

    The old stories tell of a man who returned to his village four years after his Rite of Cold. All these years he wandered the mountains alone. Though everyone in the village thought he was dead, they welcomed him with open arms for he was the proof of their community's strength. Today many tribes try to claim him as one of their own.
    — A Snow People Elder


    Gender Ideals

    There is a clear division between the male and female roles in Snow People communities. Traditionally, women are taking care of the house and children as well as cultivate the small garden next to their house. Meanwhile, men are hunters, warriors, traders, priest and engage in politics. The division may seem strict, but exceptions from it aren't something unseen or unheard of. During the Great Mage War the division almost completely disappeared and is now slowly returning.

    Courtship Ideals

    There are no rules regarding who engages in courtship. It is completely normal for both men and women to court someone they intend to enter into a relationship with. Very often the earliest stages of a relation are like throwing a ball between each other. Each party makes a move and waits for the other's response. It often lasts for about a week or two.

    Encompassed species
    Related Locations

    Major Organizations

    Most of the Snow People live within the Realm of Snow, a country ruled by the magic-wielding Snow King. Outside the King's domain lie a few small tribes of Snow People that aren't of any significance on the geopolitical scene.


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