Snow King

Lord of the Cold Kai Anselm (a.k.a. Snow King) (he/him)

The Snow King is one of the last powerful mages who still controls his lands and people. It is said that he was spared by reaching an agreement with the Divine Army. According to it, the Snow King promised to not venture militarly outside his mountainous holdings.

For the crime of banditry I sentence you for 5 years as a frozen statue!
— Snow King rendering judgement

Realm of Snow

It is said that before the Great Mage War, the Realm of Snow was part of the Empire of Norma and its rulers, mages of the school of ice and snow, where vassals of the emperor. When the Empire fell during the War Years, the Realm of Snow became an independant country and mostly stayed out of the affairs of the world.

Physical Description

Special abilities

The Snow King is a powerful mage who has dedicated his whole life to the school of ice and snow. His power is so big that he is able to built massive ice castle with a single spell. However, Kai doesn't have any such buildings as he considers them impractical. He uses his magic on a smaller scale. Kay is able to throw icicle projectiles, summon snowstorms or freeze people. Some people claim that the Snow King has also managed to increase his tolerance for cold and is able to survive temperatures which would kill everyone else.

Apparel & Accessories

The Snow King usually wears a long blue woolen cloak with white fur on the trims. On the head he wears a crown made out of ice. Some people say that the crown is enchanted and creates a magical barrier that protect the King from any harm.

Specialized Equipment

Most of the time the Kai can be seen wielding a wooden staff with an icy point at the top. He crafted this staff himself at the end of his magical education. His mentor called the staff one of the best pieces of magical craftsmenship he has ever seen.


Family Ties

Kai's parents are unknown. Most probably they died during the Great Mage War, either as victims or of natural causes. Whatever the truth is, he doesn't speak about them often. The only family he has is his wife, Snerisa. Unlike Kai, Snerisa is a regular human without any magical abilities. However, it doesn't mean she is helpless. She is a skilled archer, hunter and tracker.

Religious Views

Kai believes in the Guardian, but doesn't like the United Church. He says that a true believer such as himself doesn't need an institution to guide him in his faith.

Portrait by KajetanWrites with MidJourney
Honorary & Occupational Titles
  • Lord of the Cold
  • Snow King
  • Date of Birth
    The War Years or earlier
    Medium, light blonde (almost white)
    Skin Tone/Pigmentation
    Aligned Organization
    Map of Verden
    Map made by KajetanWrites in Wonderdraft
    Location of the Snow King's Castle on the map of Verden

    Character Portrait image: Snow King by KajetanWrites with MidJourney


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