Night Screamer

Night Screamer is a nocturnal animal that can be found in many regions of Verden. It is a small mammal very similar a hamster, a mouse or a rat. During the day it stays in its burrows in the ground. During the night it leaves to get food on the surface. They always operate in groups, so in order to find each other in the dark they emit loud noices. These "screams" are considered a nuisance by many people and Screamers are considered a pest to be eradicated.

Basic Information


Night Screamer's appearance is very similar to that of a mouse, a rat or a hamster. It walks on four legs with the forward two being capable of also acting as hands. A Screamer is also capable of standing straight on his back legs. It often uses that pose when checking the area for dangers.

Ecology and Habitats

Night Screamers are capable of living in almost every climate. As such, they can found in almsot every part of Verden. Most commonly they can be found in forests. There they can dig their burrows under trees or stones and have good access to food.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Nigh Screamers are omnivores, but mostly eat small plants and nuts. Occasionally, they can be seen eating worm or other small incest. As nocturnal creatures they forage for food mostly during the night. In most cases they eat the food as they find it, but sometime they can work together to transport food to a burrow.

Additional Information

Social Structure

In a single burrow usually live up to 5 Night Screamers from which 2 are adults and the rest are young. Young usually live in the same burrow as their parents for about a year and then they leave and find a place for their burrow.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

As Night Screamers are seen by people as nuisance, their are being hunted or pushed away from settled areas. Screamer meat is sold cheaply to the poor. When it comes to skins, some craftsmen tried to use it for products, but it proved to fragile.

5 years
Geographic Distribution


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