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An Earth-like planet sharing a galaxy with 4 other planets. It is the 3rd planet from the star, Collusus Bright.


A beautiful Earth-like planet with rivers, majestic lakes, snow-capped mountains, and valleys. It has fantastical waterfalls, forests with towering trees, and fertile plains dotted with farms.   The weather patterns differ per region, but the general climate on Eloria can be described as moderate, with intense cold near the mountains, and sweltering heat near the tropics.

Ecosystem Cycles

Eloria's seasons are similar to that of Earth, with spring, summer, autumn, and winter.

Localized Phenomena

Once every twenty years, The Combination happens across the planet. The Combination is a strange weather occurrence where the sky turns a luminous orange for exactly twenty days. Scientists believe this occurrence is due to the buildup of phosphorescence in the atmosphere over the twenty years and then it emits this strange weather phenomenon.

Natural Resources

Natural resources that can be found on Eloria include wood from the forests, sheep on the rolling hills, and metals and stone from the bowels of the earth.


The history of the Elorian Anthem.   After the massacre at Savreen, a dying soldier bent over his sword and belted out this poem, which was written by the High Priest Warlen in the early centuries. This poem moved so many of the witnesses to the atrocities, that a scribe to the Elite Priest Harren, wrote it down in blood from the soldier after he passed. As a show of solidarity to the fallen victims who were defending the village from the Dark Magi, this poem is the Elorian anthem of today.   Savreen was once a harmonious village that was known as the Paradise of The East for its vegetation, crafters, and artisans who supplied Eloria with commodities that were held in high esteem, especially by the Upper classes. One such commodity that the Upper classes treated as a ceremonial delicacy is the delicious Forb fruit. It has a strong green citrus flavor with a powdery Hazelnut aftertaste. It is famed to have healing properties and some even swore that it can give men a libido strong enough to last 15 days!    


Oh, the shattered pieces of the past…
the torment of ages...
in molten light we serve…
the granted wisdom of Sages.
We honor the brave…
the victorious and bright…
to deliver our people…
to the gates of Kalum…
the glory in sight!
Where gathered we chant…
to soldiers of truth…
the everlasting euphoria
our world of delight…
Oh, great Eloria…
sacred home of life!


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