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The Lost Battle of Golvageth

The Deep-Sea Witch spoke again in Black Speech. Her army, consisting of Beasts of the depths, moved closer towards the city. Opposite to them, the Shore Guard opened fire, sending a rain of heavy bolts from their ballistae. They were stopped, crashing at the giant Red dome summoned by the Deep-Sea Witch. It, in turn, has been smashed, when a negating bolt of Yellow sent by Treasurer turned it into orange and then into yellow.   It looked like some of the Beasts of the depths decided to attack from the flank instead of charging like others of their kin, but any that left the main group was quickly dealt with by ballistae. And those that still charged didn't meet any better fate, as the Minister of Defense and Treasurer decided to put stop to their advance. First one with the weapons her magic created, the second by simply touching and popping Black creatures like balloons.   Whatever Deep-Sea Witch tried to do, any spell she tried to conjure up, her every step was negated by other Witches. And at some moment, she noticed, that there was no one else left. Her army was no more. Before she managed to react, she was captured.   After the battle has ended, the Minister of Trade cast a spell, summoning a fast-growing Blue Clouds, similar to the ones Deep-Sea Witch created earlier. Just like the previous ones, they moved fast and covered the whole city.
Chronicler of Golvageth, entry 632


All of the Black black beasts were killed. The Deep-Sea Witch was captured and subjected to Sea Grave Banishment. The spell cast by the Bartering Witch wiped everyone's memories of what happened that day.
Battlefield Type


Golvageth's Defense
Deep-Sea Witch and her army


  • 200 members of the Shore Guard
  • Minister of Defense - The Southern Witch of Weaponry
  • Librarian - The Witch of Words
  • Treasurer
  • Minister of Trade - The Bartering Witch


50 members of the Shore Guard


To defeat the Deep-Sea Witch and her army before they reach the city

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Cover image: Golvageth by Revyera


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28 Dec, 2020 10:47

I'm still so curious about who that Deep Sea witch is, I'm really excited to learn more about her personal history!!   Btw, there's a tooltip in the last paragraph that isn't working well :)

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Moral of the story: never mess with a coven. Just don't.