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Blue Eyes

Seeing the giant Blue Clouds summoned by the Deep-Sea Witch moving their way, people in the streets tried to run away or hide. But seeing as the clouds were already swallowing the docks, even though they were still in the middle of the sea seconds ago, it was pointless. I could only hope the enchantments I got with the title would hold out.   In another few seconds, the clouds filled the Golvageth's Library where I was and disappeared as fast as they appeared. I looked around, trying to see how they affected everything. Other librarians started passing by me. They yawned and moved downwards to the exit. All of their eyes were Blue. I looked out the window again. It seemed like all of the people in the city were in the middle of going back to their houses.
Chronicler of Golvageth, entry 632
  Normally, the Blue, the Color of sight and illusions, is the thing that gives all the living beings an ability to perceive. But like with other Colors, the overabundance of it within the body can lead to many negative side effects. One of them are the so-called blue eyes.


There are two ways to contract this condition. Either one needs to come in contact with higher than average doses of Blue over a long period of time, or a large dose over a short time. Both of these cases strain the Blue Color nests (placed near the eyes), and lead to leaks of Color, which in turn causes the Blue eyes.


Physical Psychological
1st stage The eyes (both the iris, pupil and sclera) of the affected one start to turn a little blue. The affected one starts perceiving things that aren't there or doesn't see the ones in front of them.
2nd stage The eyes become completely blue. All their parts turn into different shades of blue. The affected one sees pretty convincing hallucinations, coming in contact with them reveals what is true and what isn't. They are very susceptible to suggestions at this point.
3rd stage The eyes turn almost completely normal, although there is a slight blue shine if the light reflects off of them at an angle The affected one completely believes in anything they perceive, no matter how absurd it could be.
Once the condition reaches the 4th stage, the overflow of the Blue inside the body leads either to death or Oversaturation (condition).



The easiest and the cheapest way to treat the Blue eyes is to leave the area contaminated with Blue and rest. Over time, the body should slowly get rid of the excess of the Color inside it. Depending on the stage, it could take between days, weeks. and almost a year.
One can also apply the medicine or treatment that will drain the Blue that is outside of its Color nest. Examples of such treatments are: draining with needles or young Color leeches.  


The easiest way to prevent contracting Blue eues is to not inhabit the area contaminated with Blue and avoid any hazards that might be full of it, such as Blue Clouds. If one needs to visit such an area, it is advised for them to wear protective suits.  

Magical Blue eyes

Any caster who is experienced with manipulation of Blue could, if they wanted to, artificially induce the condition within someone. Such practices are forbidden by law in all but a very few countries. When affecting someone in such a way, the caster can even shape exactly what their victim will see, opening them to further suggestions or even mind controlling them.

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