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Azure ship

While I was pondering on the nature of Azure Kelp, the ones hired to gather it already reached the harbor and were boarding their ships. Interesting vessels. Thanks to the stabilization magic, they are always suspended about half a meter above the sea level, which greatly reduces the possible Oversaturation (geographic anomaly) caused by the contact with the Blue water.
The sound of the engines reminded me that I also had to go to work. I looked at the building which was my goal and that's when...
Chronicler of Golvageth, entry 632
  When the Azure Kelps and their properties were first discovered, the rulers of Golvageth (or rather one of its parts, Golthera, back then) quickly decided to make a fortune by selling them. Back then, there were only two ways to gather them, both almost equally dangerous. Either one had to dress in something that would block the high concentration of Blue, walk into the water, and hope that they will manage to gather kelps and come back before they become permanently blind, mad because of hallucinations or simply turn into monsters (Oversaturation (condition)). Or they could build a raft or a boat, reducing the contact with the Color to just breathing in the contaminated air.   Many different vessels were tried over the years, more and more of them becoming sealed boxes with only one point of contact with the water being a window in the bottom of the ship. But the true breakthrough in the creation of safe kelper ships was when the Yellow Pigment was first used to suspend something in the air by negating the gravity.   That's when the first azure ships were created.  


The interior of the ship consists of 3 rooms. The first one, accessible from the entrance is the work and storage area. In the middle of the room, there is a hole in the floor (at least 1x1 meters big). Above it, there's a suspended grapple on a rail. Its main purpose is to fish out and transport kelps from the sea into the containers. The grapple is controlled manually with the use of levers. Aside from the grapple and the hole, the room is usually filled with chairs and crates or bins for storing kelps.  

Decontamination area

Area separated from the first room with an automated heavy door which changes to manual steering in case of emergency. The walls of the room are reinforced and there are sprinklers there. They can either spray water or fire.  

Steering/navigation room

A room filled with all the equipment needed to steer the ship and safely bring it back to shore.

Azure ship 2.png

Azure Ship exterior by Revyera

Exclusive to Golvageth, pretty common there
10 - 20 meters
2.5 - 4 meters
5 - 20 km/h
Complement / Crew
There are usually between 5 and 30 Kelp Gatherers operating the ship.

Appearance, hovering and propulsion system

Azure ships are long, wedge-shaped gray metal boxes with two Yellow Pigment-based engines attached on the sides. Both of the engines are encased in the same metal the ship is made out of, with small, regularly placed exhaust grates being their only access to the outside world. By steadily expelling the Yellow Pigment through them, both the positive and negative aspects of the Color get activated. The negative, negation, denies the gravity its proper function. The positive, stability, suspends the ship in the air, leaving it to hover. By expelling more Pigments with the negative aspect on the back or either side of the vessel, one can steer it.

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Cover image: Azure Ship by Revyera


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