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Age of Equilibrium

Year 1624, Era of Equilibrium

When the rule of the Giants over the mortal species ended, it was heralded by fire, blood and magic. Casting off their former overlords and driving them to the edges of the world, these same elements will undoubtably shape the age to come.   The long-suffering Orcs are united under a single banner, planning to use their coal-fueled contraptions and gunpowder weapons to free their still enslaved brethren.   Humans fight and die amongst themselves for control of the mountains, who bestow upon them raw magic collected by brave adventurers to be bought and sold and guarded by the Order of the Watchers against threats unknown.   Squidspawn commandeer ships, spreading their valuable trade goods along with radical ideas like Democracy and Republicanism, finding fertile soil in their less humanoid neighbours.   Yet still, the ashes of the old age linger. Dragons now rule in the north and south, no longer hoarding their wealth quite as greedily. The Fimbuljötnar have turned a new leaf and joined their former subjects as equals, while the Shuvuu have perished entirely at the hands of their former victims.   The Age is young and ripe for high adventure!

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