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Daggur Clan Shipyards (DAH-goor)

Where dragons roost...   Originally created by Das Anazhar thousands of years ago, Sur Daggur claimed the ancient structure for himself, designating it the heart of his nascent war-machine when he rose to power decades ago. Cruisers, dreadnoughts, troopships, and D-Class Fighters are the most common products of this facility with the colossal supercarriers Ramahatesguad and Huzonthunorthplier among the greatest creations, surpassed only by the Vyerrdeklagn. Maintaining geosynchronous orbit above the main foundries, the station works around the clock to bolster both local fleets as well as fleets under the command of Mal Daggur and subordinate High Overlords.


Nobeyls compose the majority of fleet staff with Khamens accompanying for purposes of maintenance and navigation. This leaves the rest of the Khamens and Pesaks occupying the planet proper, with a handful of Nobeyl Overlords to direct day-to-day operations.


The station itself is overseen by a High Overlord. Currently Myr Chedryn remains in command of planetary forces.


Several squadrons of D-Class fighters conduct regular perimeter sweeps. Cruisers remain on standby, and the structure itself is dotted with phergon cannons to smite any attacker foolish enough to target the station. Even the mighty Metraind under the command of Azurotago gave the station a wide berth, preferring to target the surface for incursion.

Industry & Trade

It can take anywhere from hours to assemble a D-Class fighter to a week to construct a cruiser. The twin supercarriers and the Maw of Flame took several years for completion and such an enormous amount of resources no other like them have been attempted as of recently. Space-centric reasearch and development is carried out in lab complexes close to the assembly arrays.


The massive inter-connected lattice of metal scaffolding, smaller barracks, robotic assemblers, loading docks, cargo bays, storage hubs, and command centres would easily eclipse Bainshaebo. Initially much smaller, Sur Daggur ordered significant expansion, nearly quadrupling its size to match his vision and accomodate construction of his grand ships.


The little Pesaks commonly dwell in the barracks and loading docks, doing most of the heavy lifting unloading fresh supplies of alloy shipped from the surface. Khamens man the assemblers, only their quick wits able to master remote construction. Nobeyls staff the command centres. Those not involved in supervision or construction either conduct maintenance or engage in flight training drills.


The station sees a steady flow of contained phergon and rdgu-ship-worthy alloy-on a daily basis.

Guilds and Factions

Metal-workers and engineers form the core of the station's staff, overseen by the ruling Daggur Clan.


When Das Anazhar embarked on his vision of system-wide conquest, he first comissioned construction of the shipyards then set the facility to the mass-production of dozens of troopships meant to ferry his forces across the Vault of Stars. The bulky trapezoidal ships were the most common ship type until the development of the D-Class fighter centuries later. After the events of the Blood Walk and the abandonment of his campaign against Planet Thanged, Das Anazhar redirected construction to crusiers capable of long-range travel.   After the outcome of the Dasphat Revolution, Sur Daggur seized control of the ancient structure, expanding its capacity and increasing its production many-fold. After several attempts to successfully develop burst-drives, Sur Daggur abandoned the project in favor of completing his personal fleet in preparation for his conquest of Planet Thanged. With Sur Daggur's death at the hands of Ander Vai-Stel-Vethu during the Battle of Banguk , Mal Daggur has taken the mantle of Supreme High Overlord.   Currently the young Myr Chedryn supervises planetary defenses and new additions to the fleet, though he yearns to venture to the front lines in the campaign against the Oldworld...


The artificial gravity and carefully maintained environment would be vastly more comfortable to humanoid visitors than the planet surface, but to date no human has set foot on the station, not even Deres in eons past. It is thought in the event of peace perhaps the station could be repurposed as a port of trade.


Aside from the great scaffolding arrays, most buildings consist of space-proof alloy in the rugged blocky fashion of the Thunthen.
Founding Date
3000 B.C. E.T. (Earth-Time)
Alternative Name(s)
Port of Das Anazhar
Orbital, Station
Inhabitant Demonym
Location under
The record finished and Naz called up a diagram of multiple types of Thunthen ships.   “This represents the hierarchy of Mal Daggur’s fleet. These here are the D-class fighters.”   “I remember them. I managed to take a few down before I got knocked out. They got a weak point in the axle shaft between the cockpit and the main wing,” Rowen pointed at the screen.   “Ah, very good. You are correct. They are the most numerous of the smaller fighters and form the…um…the…‘bread and butter’ of the fleet. These are troopships. They serve to ferry squads of armored Nobles to the ground for large-scale infantry assaults. As you know firsthand, a lone well-equipped Noble can be just as formidable as any fighter craft. Then you have the super-carriers, Ramahatesguad; Hammer of the Stars, and Huzonthunorthplier, The Grinding Teeth. Together they form the…‘meat and potatoes’ of the greater fle-”   Bak and Naz glanced to the side sharply when they heard a faint gurgle. “Wasn’t me,” Kento said abruptly. Cye rolled his eyes and smacked a palm against his forehead.   “As tempting as a target they would be, you would do well to avoid direct attacks against these two ships as they house the vast majority of the Noble army. Bloodshed should be avoided for both sides,” Bak advised solemnly. Ryo nodded in agreement.   “And this, of course, is Maw of Flame. I admit with much regret that I once helmed its construction. It was never intended for such abominable use!” Naz hissed and thumped a fist against the console edge. “It was initially designed as a terraformer; meant to seed a desolate planet with the microbes necessary to produce life! But such was Sur Daggur’s twisted logic, that why spend precious time and resources seeding a new world…when there was a perfectly habitable one nearby. All that was needed…was to ‘clear it up’,” Naz sneered and called up again the image of Planet Banguk in flames.
— Foes From Another World Ch. 24

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