The Tui Fan

Rebellion against the Xin Kongjian Corporation.


No one is completely sure how The Tui Fan are organized or if they even are at all.

Public Agenda

Remove everyones government debt, overthrow leadership and instill a democracy.


It is known that if the Tui Fan are an actual organized Rebel group, they are incredibly poor and lacking in funding.


A lot of people have committed acts in the name of the Tui Fan, but it's assumed that while some terrorist acts were committed by an actual organized group named the Tui Fan, others were simply criminals or it was possibly even false flag operations committed by the Xin Kongjian Corporation. Some of the terrorist acts known to be committed by a real group that considers them self the Tui Fan have been fairly heinous, killing multiple civilians in attempt to blow up high ranking family members with dirty bombs.
Illicit, Rebel


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