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The Traveler's Tower

Majestic Tower of the plains   Here I sing upon your stage   Here come, from all around   This tower’s not one to let you down     Drinks for days, beds for night   A place which we all delight   Crossroads leading left and right   After this you may take flight   A path leading yonder into twilight  
-A snippet of Marie Softoak's song on the traveler's Tower
    True to its name, the Traveler’s Tower is, indeed, a tower for traveling folk. From adventurers doing work for the guild to merchants simply traveling to sell, many enjoy stopping by the tower for the night. It is quite the popular place to visit during any kind of trip, and there’s almost always a few travelers in it.  


The Traveler’s Tower is located in a five-way crossroads, north of Pebblehill, south of Folitia, and with paths leading to virtually anywhere on the continent. Due to its location on the main path through the center of the continent, the Traveler’s Tower receives a lot of tourism from all sorts of parties, but adventurers especially. The tower is made of smooth stone brick at it’s base and of wooden planks supported by darker logs. At the tower’s center is a massive and tall pillar made from a single great tree, this pillar goes over twenty feet into the ground and supports the entire building. The entirely of the tavern is incredibly sturdy and has weathered several severe storms through its lifetime. The outside of the tower appears almost fantastical due to a combination of its height, construction quality, and the sheer fantasy of its design. Many new travelers find themselves at a loss for words when they first lay eyes upon this magnificent structure.  


There are a total of seven floors of the tower, eight if you count the basement. Each floor is approximately 50 feet in diameter, and each has the tower’s central pillar running straight through it for support.   The First floor contains the entrance to the tavern; a set of polished wooden double doors slightly bent to fit the tavern’s curvature. It also is the location of the main bar, set around the central pillar, that the tavern’s patrons give their orders to.   The Second floor is similar to the first in design, except it of course doesn’t have an entrance, as it isn’t on ground level. The second floor has a large window in the place of where the entrance would be on the first floor, a view many prefer.   The Third floor has a large stage where bards sing and adventurers tell tales, both true and tall. Most of the tables and chairs on this floor are set to face the stage, and there’s almost always a performance every night.   The Fourth floor is almost identical to the second on the inside, however, it has a wooden platform all around it on the outside, allowing travelers to dine outside while seeing the area around the tower. The platform is supported by stable wooden planks, and spans about 5 feet away from the main building.   The Fifth floor holds ten small rooms for lone travelers to rest in. Each room holds a comfortable bed with a red blanket, a polished wooden night stand, a chamber pot, and a crimson circular rug with an orange trim. A stay on the fifth floor costs 5 copper pieces.   The Sixth floor, similarly to the fifth, is comprised of rooms for travelers to sleep in. Though it only has seven rooms, each are larger than the ones found on the fifth floor. Each room here contains two single beds, each with green blankets dyed in Folitia, two small chests for storing valuables, a large green square rug, and a pair of chamber pots. A stay on the sixth floor costs 8 copper pieces.   The Seventh floor contains rooms for frequent adventuring parties. In total there are three rooms on this floor, each can be rented for two gold pieces every tenday. The room’s contents consist of a set of six beds, each with fine lapis colored blankets, a floor table with a tablecloth detailed in silver, a locked chest by the foot of each bed, and a large handdrawn map of the nearby area hanging in the wall between two of the beds.  

The Staff

The Traveler’s Tower is run by a collection of staff members, some of which are retired adventurers, others merely being travelers from nearby villages looking for a place to work. The tower is currently owned by Norvin Palanch, the grandson of Elard Palanch, who was the original owner of the tavern. Norvin works to keep the tavern in top condition, and sees it as his family’s legacy. Norvin was once an adventurer, but gave up that life due to being unable to handle the stress.   The tower’s staff primarily consist of bartenders and barmaids, along with a clerk who handles the rooming services. Their names are kept in a booklet under the desk.  


The Traveler’s Tower has stable trade connections with Pebblehill, which supplies their grain and most of their food. Folitia, which supplies their Faewine. And Brassback’s Adventuring Guild, which sponsors the tavern as so that it provides its optimal service to the traveling adventurers.
Founding Date
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant

Served Drinks   Traveler's Brew, 5 CP   Moradin's Mead, 4 CP   Faewine, 5 GP   Honeycrisp Brew, 1 CP   Wildmouth, 2 CP   Darkshroom, 4 CP   A list of Alcohols and other tavern drinks  
Services   5th Floor Room: 5 Copper (Per person)   6th Floor Room: 8 Copper (Group of 2)   7th Floor Room: 2 Gold per tenday (Regular parties only)
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