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Kingdom of Merridorn

The Kingdom of Merridorn sprawls across the Merridian Peninsula, from the northern city of Mineldor, to the southern most city of Uxena. The youngest of the civilizations in the land of Eilgorah, Merridorn resides on the soil that the once great Selaran Civilization once existed before the Great Calamity.   After the Great Calamity, Avalon was the only known civilization in the southern reaches of Merridorn. Cautious and well defended, very few would leave the safety of its Citadel and brave the vast long forgotten wilderness to the South. Eventually, the cities of Gibraltar Point, Azurea, and Mineldor were founded. Far away from the politics of Avalon, the cities operated under their own direction. Soon, as the identities of Avalon and these new cities diverged, it became clear a new form of government was necessary for the growing population. In the 263 year of the Reformation Era, the cities of Gibraltar Point, Mineldor, Azurea, and Andora banded together and peacefully negotiated independence from Avalon.   The first king was decided among the 4 cities: Barathus Merridorn, great great grandson of one of the first pioneers to venture out of the mountains and explore the world again.

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