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A large continent spans the oceans of the Earthen Planet of Aethir. On this continent, sentient beings have gained the power to call upon their Gods. With this power, those devoted to the Gods begin to shape the course of their history. Kings rise up to form societies around their Gods which become the cultural symbol of their people. The kingdoms war with each other until they form peace treaties and begin a new age of prosperity. After this prosperity comes a period of enlightenment that is followed by disaster.   At the height of the Winter Solstice year 4134, the Era of Civilization ended as all Divine Power failed and sent the world of Aethir back Eras to the Dark Times. Governments splintered from the effects of this world-spanning event. Armies that were fighting on their people's behalf at that moment lost their powers and abilities in an instant, leaving them without magical healing or attack. That day is known as "The Fall".   Without Divine Magic, the Churches seek desperately to hold onto their power as the moderating forces in society. The main explanation for The Fall is that the Gods are testing the faithful to determine their devotion. To many this explanation falls short, and swathes of previously devoted paladins and clerics leave their old life behind to find meaning in this odd new reality.   In this world, without Gods, many are looking for heroes to rise up to the challenge of dealing with the troubles that are beginning to threaten Aethir. The question remains, "What happened to the Gods?"