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Soldin, bringer of light and life

Soldin is the first of the dwarven gods. He is the bringer of light and life, the creator of the cosmos and the all-father to the rest of the dwarven pantheon, with the exception of his eternal enemy, the goddess of darkness and death; Myrkra.  


Of all the dwarven gods, Soldin is held with the highest regard and is worshipped daily, once in the morning when the dwarf awakens and once before he sleeps, if he remembers. Exceptionally devout dwarves will also worship Soldin at high noon when the sun reaches it’s apex of it’s journey through the sky. Dwarves believe this is when Soldin is closest and therefor his blessings are strongest during this time.  


Soldin’s Solstice is a day long festival held on the longest day of the year around midsummer. The dwarves will prepare a hearty feast of crops and fruit they have harvested. They'll decorate their settlements and homes with yellow, orange and red decorations, usually adorned with Soldin’s sigil. It is a special time for the dwarves to forget their woes and feel thankful for the lives that Soldin has given them, and the light he provides to sustain them.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

A circle with eight lines protruding out

Divine Classification

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