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Myrkra, dealer of death and darkness

Myrkra is a dwarven goddess, known as the dealer of death and darkness. She is Soldin's eternal enemy within the dwarven pantheon.  


Myrkra is both feared and respected by the dwarves. As the goddess of death the dwarves worship Myrkra and ask for her blessings to watch over their departed in the afterlife. They built large crypts known as the Halls of the Dead, usually built into the old mines constructed by the first dwarves. The dwarves may also ask for Myrkra's mercy when travelling at night, particularly if the way is known or suspected to be dangerous.  


Day of Darkness is a festival that occurs on the winter solstice in the northernmost regions of Nordia. Typically the sun does not rise on this day, and so the dwarves hold a festival to lighten the atmosphere. Their cities are illuminated with coloured lanterns in red, yellows and oranges and they will hold feasts with plenty of ale and music.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

A solid crescent.

Divine Classification

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