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Arxian Empire

The Arxian Empire rose to power in Averia after the collapse of the Akryddian Empire. The Arxians took advantage of the weak states of various cities and territories, allowing cultures to keep their traditions but demanded tributes, soldiers and the enforcement of the Arxian language (formerly now Averian) and law. This lead to a relatively stable period in Averia's history.   It wasn't until the empire turned it's eyes west and launched a campaign in the riverlands of Eucia that discord grew in Averia. Slavery had long been ingrained into Arxian society, however it had been the main source of control, wealth and power. More and more slaves were being drafted into the armies and sent to Eucia, eventually culminating in a slave revolt. Furthermore, discontented noblemen whose slaves were reluctantly being drafted away found their power and wealth were being undermined and diminished, supported the revolution.   Word of revolution reached the slaves abroad who promptly turned on their masters or fled seeking refuge in the riverlands. The lords of the river aided the slaves offering them refuge in order to defeat the invasion. Once the emperor had been defeated, Arxian nobles negotiated a treaty which dissolved the empire and it's territories were divided between the three Kingdoms of Arxia, Calthia and Sardia.

Geopolitical, Empire

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