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A word from the Author

This is a project of passion. I have long dreamt of this world, from it's initial incarnation many years ago to what it is now presented to you on these pages. It started as an idea inspired by a childhood friend who had starting writing fantasy. I then began reading fantasy and discovered worlds of elves, dwarves, dragons, monsters, magic, swords and evil wizards. I fell in love with the genre.

The project has been a novel, then a game and back again as many times as I can remember all the time continuing to change and morph and grow. The truth is it's beyond a book, it's greater than a game, It is a world.

The world has grown with me, shaped by my experiences and inspired by many great work. My hope is to bring this world to you in all it's glory. In it's most liveable, breathable, tangible form, whatever form that may be. Please enjoy the world of Aethea, as I have enjoyed creating it.

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