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Aesteron - The Exalted Lands Aesteron

Helm's Second Era.

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A land of wonder, conflict and divinity.


esteron is a land full of magic, mystery and conflict. The fate of the world changes every five decades. A powerful well of magical connection, that spires in the heart of the Region known as the Obsidian Vortex connects the deities and populace of Aesteron directly. Followers of individual religions, deities lesser and known, channel their devotion every 50 years to the central Vortex, hoping to ciphon their deity into the region. Different gods have had different impacts on the land, the people, and the natural landscape of Aesteron.


A World of Possibility.


he land is hostile, mostly dangerous, and adventuring away from homesteads is seen as a rare and priviledged position to be in. Nomads and travellers risk their lives on most travels, as the world holds unforseen dangers and creatures that lurk in await. Gods and Deities try to sway over mortals to do their bidding, and aid them in the eternal conflict for power of Aesteron; with everyones ultimate goal to monopolise their influence over the lands.

Adventure waits in every corner.


ost creatures, people, race and kin find themselves at home at some place in Aesteron. Albiet the blistering sun-scorched deserts in the South, the harsh Jungles of the West or boggy-swampland in the South-East. Elven Glades and untouched Vistas in the East, to the damaged and fractured North-townships and homesteads that lie under the radar. There is always a benevolent threat, always a conflict of interest and power-struggle, but some netural zones provide sanctuary and refuge in the harsh battles of the region.


So, fly forth. Discover the ill-natural planes and landscapes. Try local dialects and cuisines. Make a place for yourself in Aesteron, and do everything you can to keep the balance tipped in favour of those you care about ...


In the Exalted Lands.

'I'm not a ""courier"" Mr. Talon. I am a.. esteemed delivery service of paper-goods and packages, you wouldn't understand.' - Wilfer Reed-Blossom.

Aesteron - The Exalted Lands has 2 Adventurers


The Tale of Aesteron's Wonderers.

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